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Theatre Technical Team 

Congratulations on deciding to apply for a position on the Tech team.

Our productions cannot be done without a solid team.


Being a part of Thoreau Theatre is a great experience. It is also, however, a serious time commitment. All students are expected to attend all rehearsals they are called for without exception. Any student unwilling to dedicate the time for rehearsals or unable to attend them regularly should not apply.

Application Requirements--turned in no later than Monday, February 12

  • PAPERWORK: Bring your completed Tech Team form to the Blackbox-C-107. Make sure you fill out BOTH The 'Tech Team Form' and the 'Conflict Calendar'.

  • PRESENTATION: Prepare a paper about what position you think you would be a good fit for you

    • Include the reasons why you would be good for this job (see the needed qualities below for each position)

    • Include work or examples of positions you’ve held before that would prepare you for this job.



Please keep in mind... not everyone who interviews will be assigned a tech job.

We are lo​oking for responsible and reliable students who are organized and able to work independently.

Each position will have a different time commitment. For example the marketing team might meet during Eagle Time 2 months prior to get everything done and make a plan, where as the stage crew will begin attending mid-May.

Most tech jobs need previous training/experience. Please consider taking Tech Theatre class or

Advanced Theatre class for the FCPS county approved training.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jobs will be posted no later than Friday, February 16th.

Conflict Calendar >>

Coming Soon

Tech Job Responsibilities


Calls the show's lighting and sound cues during the show.

Makes sure all cast and crew members are present at call time.

Miss K.'s "right hand person." 


  • Creates Sound Cue Sheet

  • Creates Spotify Playlist for Preshow and Post Show Music

  • Oversees the run of sound during the show on the sound board

  • Makes sure Actors get in and out of wireless mics successfully and safely each rehearsal and performance

  • Safely sets up and put away the sound board and mics into storage


  • Assists Ronan with hanging lights and writing cues for each scene

  • Oversee the run of lights during the show

  • Spotlight Operators

  • Sets Up/Clean Up of cords, lighting board and spotlights during each rehearsal and performance.


  • Assists the Stage Manager with each task

  • Runs the backstage area during tech and performances

  • Makes sure that every actor and stage crew member is ready to go on

  • Deals with any situation backstage


  • Set Up Prop Table

  • Presets scenic and prop pieces before the show

  • assists clean up of props and makes sure they are stored after each rehearsal and performance

  • Sweeps stage before each show


  • Set up quick change areas and dressing rooms before each show

  • Oversees the clean up of bathrooms, dressing rooms and all costumes are put away

  • Assists in alterations, fittings and pulling costumes with Miss K. 

  • Making sure the costume plot is complete for each actor


  • Creates Run Sheets for each character if there's a makeup/hair change throughout the show

  • Create makeup/hair training for each actor and a plot for them to follow

  • Completes make up and hair quality check of every actor before curtain


  • Promotes the show through social media, posters, promo videos, lobby displays, etc.

  • Oversees Lobby set Up/clean up for concessions and tickets with decor 

  • Trains Ushers 

  • Creates concessions posters


  • In charge of moving set pieces on and off stage during the performance

  • Keeps stage and backstage organized and clean

  • Fixes set/prop pieces that belong on and off stage

  • Stays focused during a performance and knows their "choreography" in moving pieces



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