Pre-Show Information for Parents


So your student is auditioning or interviewing for the school production! Congratulations! It takes a great deal of courage and preparation on their part to do so. You may be thinking, “how can I help?" Here are some time-tested things you can do to help your student enjoy and learn from this unique school experience.


The audition suggestions are found on the Audition Page. The tech team suggestions are found on the Tech Team Page. Read them along with your student. Some are suggestions but many are requirements. Please read the entirety so you and your student know what to expect. If you have any questions, you can contact us or see the FAQ page.



To help the Director make some informed choices, we ask that students submit an application for a tech position. These roles carry great responsibility with them. Therefore, any student interested in a technical position must

  • Read the tech job descriptions & consider what areas might be the best match for you.

  • Be available for rehearsals and tech times required of their role

  • Have a high degree of organization

  • Demonstrate a sense of responsibility and commitment

  • Comply with specific requirements listed under individual position description

  • Sign up (outside room C107) for a brief tech interview

  • Fill out the tech form application and bring them to your interview.

Even though the audition slots are only 5 minutes during the week, the callback process will take the whole two hours. Your student may not be called back but if they are, they must stay for the whole time. If we could shorten this lengthy process, we would, but we are trying to give the largest amount of students an opportunity to shine and that takes a lot of time.