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Parents of Company Members

Congratulations! You have been cast in the role of PARENT in a Thoreau Theatre production! If your student is cast as a Performer or a Technical Team member, you are strongly encouraged to contribute to the production as well! Being in a production requires a lot of time and focus. Academics always outweigh production requirements. However, understanding the expectations and obligations of being in a production are key to your student’s growth and success.


If  your student is cast or chosen to be a member of the tech team, we ask that you come to a parent meeting so that we can coordinate efforts going forward. More information will be posted on the HOME page of this site, the Instagram account (@eagletheatre) and in an email. We will have several meetings during the rehearsal process.

Reading, understanding and signing the Company Contract signals to Director that both you and your student are joining us on a learning journey unlike any other  in school. Signing the contract says that your student is accepting the performance or technical role offered and that you are accepting your role in supporting both your student and Thoreau Theatre as a whole. It also means that you have fully committed to the rehearsal schedule and the production.

Producing quality theatre is expensive. The licensing fees alone for a musical play run into the thousands of dollars. That’s not counting lumber, paint, material, lighting, sound equipment, props, programs, T-shirts, ticket stock, power tools, posters, and on and on. Working with all of these resources and materials is a large part of the student learning process. Fairfax County does not directly contribute any money to Thoreau Theatre Program. In fact, the County invoices us hundreds of dollars to use the auditorium and pay for janitorial services while the show is in production. To counterbalance this, we ask the parents of each company member try to contribute $75 in production fees. If this is not possible, this will NOT AFFECT CASTING!


Theatre is a collaborative art and the large productions that Thoreau Theatre mounts are very public events needing large parent and community support. There are a wide variety of contributions you can make, some small, some large, some requiring little time and some where you may feel you have actually joined the cast and crew! We will ask you to sign up for a role after the show’s casting. Contribute as much as you wish. Spending time with young performers as they hone their craft is incredibly rewarding. See Volunteer Opportunities for details.

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