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Image by Kelly Sikkema



Ad Sales are from Local Businesses and
Shout Outs are from friends and family

There are 3 Ad/Shout Out Sizes all black and white:

  • ¼ page–$25

  • ½ page–$50

  • Full page–$100


Some helpful hints as you approach businesses for Ad Sales:

– Make sure you introduce yourself and who you are. Explain the Thoreau Theatre program consists of 7th and 8th graders and how excited you are for the musical!

– Go during slower business hours (not lunch or dinner rush if it’s a restaurant)

– Go with a buddy if possible and dress neatly

– Ask to speak to a Manager or whomever is in charge of advertising/financials

–Ask if they would support Thoreau MS Theatre Production of Legally Blonde Jr. by placing an Ad. Try to nail them down right away. If they say they have to check with someone else, leave a poster with your name (or parent’s) and email/phone number.

– Follow Up with them after two days and ask again. Be persistent. Many businesses are very interested, you just need to remind them to do it.

– Approach new businesses, they are often more interested in getting their business recognized by the community!

–As for chain businesses (example Chiptole), they often have stricter rules on advertising spending. Go to more local places–we have so many here in Vienna!!

–Talk to adult friends and family members who have their own businesses

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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